Grand Format Exhibition, Pussigny, France 2012

Every year community of  Pussigny, France opens their town to the grandiose art show “Grand Format”. Artists from all over France come to paint on 4 meters by 2 meters canvases affixed to the walls of the medieval village. It is an all day exciting event and it is  quite a task for an artist to create a large-scale masterpiece   in such a short time (only 8hrs) in front of the art savvy crowd. This year I have taken this challenge and was one of 25 artists participants of  “Pussifolies 2012”.

Thanks to the organizing committee under the leadership and hands on hard work of  Dominique et Pascal Brunets as well as many volunteers  this event reached a highest level of organization. Artists were provided with large canvases as well as an extra place to display their art.

It was a fabulous and at the same time very hard day. The weather was  good to us and the rain held off till the next day.

The exhibition is on display in town for the next 3 months so if you have a chance to be in the department of Vienne of Loire Valley  in France please stop by and enjoy this beautiful community.

Here I have  a  few photos of  the creative process…



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